In view of the current spread of the corona virus, the traditional Vienna Ball in Opatija will unfortunately not be held this year. As the organizers, we have not made the decision easy for ourselves and therefore ask for your understanding for the special situation, but the health and safety of our ball guests comes first.
We thank you for your understanding and look forward to welcoming you again in Opatija at the next Wien Ball in September 2021.

Viennese Ball in Opatija

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Viennese Ball in Opatija - 2014

Welcome to the official website of the Viennese Ball in Opatija

Dear friends and readers,

The City of Opatija organizes, in cooperation with the City of Vienna, for the 12th time the "VIENNESE BALL" in Opatija. Experience the excitement of a glittering Viennese ball in Opatija!

When: 19nd September 2020 8:00 p.m.
Where: Crystal Hall, Hotel Kvarner – Opatija
Entrance fee: 400,00 kn incl. dinner
Grand opening is scheduled for 8:30 p.m. with the arrival of the Hochmeister and Deutschmeister from Vienna, followed by the performance of the Wiener Tanzkomitee under the leadership of Michael Badin and the Original Wiener Strauss Capelle.
Enjoy the music and dancing, a gala dinner in a charming ambience as well as the highlight of the night – a beautiful fireworks over the Opatija sky. After the fireworks, the Hoch – and Deutschmeister k.u.k. Wiener Regimentskapelle IR4 will held a concert of grand Viennese tunes on the terrace of the Hotel Kvarner.

Honorable guests

Dr. Josef Markus Wuketich

Austrian Ambassador - Zagreb

DI Omar Al-Rawi

President of the Vienna City Council

Ivo Dujmić

Mayor of Opatija

Ticket sale

  • For Ladies:
  • floor length evening gown
    or floor length ball gown
  • -
  • For men:
  • tail-coat, tuxedo/dinner suit
  • We ask our guests to adhere to our dresscode
online TICKETS!
Price including:
  • Welcome Coktail
  • Dinner
  • Midnight Champagne
  • Sacher Torte
400 Kn
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